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Photon Design 


Photon Design was started in 1992 and supplies a wide range of innovative photonics CAD tools to most of the World's leading photonics companies, universities and government research labs, with customers in 35 countries around the world. Our CAD products include tools for both passive and active (semiconductor) optical components and optical circuit modelling.




QuantumWise develops commercial software for fast and reliable atomic-scale modeling of nanostructures. Our main product is Atomistix ToolKit (ATK), which offers a homogeneous interface to many different atomic-scale methods, ranging from first-principles methods to tight-binding and classical potentials. ATK is delivered with the graphical user interface Virtual NanoLab. Virtual NanoLab is a popular platform for other simulation engines like VASP, FHI-aims, QuantumESPRESSO, or LAMMPS. Virtual NanoLab (as GUI only) is offered for free to academic users.

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline (extended):
    24 January 2017
  • Early registration deadline:
    31 March 2017
  • Registration deadline:
    26 May 2017

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